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Middletown Area School District Athletics


Blue raiders

Middletown Area School District Athletics

Blue raiders

Middletown Area School District Athletics

Teammates of the Week

Each week, Student-Athletes, Coaches and Faculty can nominate someone they feel is a great teammate for the past week.  

The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday at midnight. The list will be collected Monday of the next week and published to all the coaches and faculty members at Middletown area High School each Tuesday.
What makes a good teammate?  Multiple reasons!

Here is a great quote by Kobe Bryant that can help sum it up:
"I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot."

The Blue Raiders instill the following leadership qualities P,R,I,D,E. When nominating a fellow Blue Raider, please list one of these qualities in your description.

P-erseverance, R-espect, I-ntegrity, D-iscipline, E-xcellence 


Week of February 14, 2021


JP Horetsky, JH Boys Basketball, 8th – Excellence
“JP has shown excellence both on the court and in the classroom this season. He works hard for good grades, and continues to get better with his low post game as the season moves on. He is a great example of what a student-athlete should be.” ~ Coach Vaughn


Week of February 7, 2021


Tyson Snyder, JH Boys Basketball, 7th – Discipline
“Tyson has emerged as one of the leaders on our JH JV team over the past few weeks, and continues to work hard at practice and at games. As a 7th grader, he is a great role model in how he stays disciplined.” ~ Coach Vaughn


Week of January 31, 2021


Kam Chisholm, Boys Basketball, 9th – Excellence
“Kam was leading scorer in our game against Steel-High. He brings positive energy to the court each and every game, and strives to be the best player/teammate he can.” ~ Coach Vaughn

Week of January 24, 2021

Landon Keyser, JH Boys Basketball, 8th – Excellence
“Landon was leading scorer in our first game of the season against CD. He played a tough game, and showed leadership skills during the game as captain that game, and starting point guard. He will continue with RAIDER pride throughout the season.” ~ Coach Vaughn

Week of January 17, 2021

Landon Cochran, JH Boys Basketball, 8th – Respect
“Landon exhibits respect both on and off the court. He works hard, is respectful to his teammates, and thanks coaches after each and every practice. He has also worked through injuries this season in order to get better and help his team out. He has shown Raider pride since the beginning of the season and will continue to work hard.” ~ Coach Vaughn

Week of November 29, 2020

Mason Dudash, Junior High Boys Basketball, 8th – Perseverance
“Mason came out for the team last year as a 7th grader, and unfortunately didn't make the team. Instead of being upset about it, he used it as motivation to get better, worked on his game, and came out this year and had one of the best overall tryouts easily making this year's team. We look for him to have a successful year, and continuing to persevere throughout the season.” ~ Coach Vaughn 


Week of November 8, 2020

Michael Keating, Freshman Football, 9th – Perseverance
“Michael “Tally” Keating was a faithful participant at summer workouts in preparation for the upcoming season. Tally demonstrated that sort of commitment for the past 5 months. Tally through grit, determination and a strong will to succeed, achieved steady progress and an important role on the team. Tally is a good student, popular with teammates and coaches and a Blue Raider legacy.” ~ Coach Pettis


Week of November 1, 2020

Derek Brooks, Freshman Football, 9th – Perseverance
“Derek Brooks worked hard at summer lifting and conditioning that helped to prepare him for the regular season. Derek has shone at drills and conditioning. Derek has shown steady improvement both at practice and in games. Derek is a solid student. He also is a member of concert, marching and jazz band. Derek represents the well rounded person we want to develop and an exceptional example of Raider Pride.” ~ Coach Pettis 


Week of October 25, 2020

Aaron Nordai, Freshman Football, 9th – Excellence
“Aaron Nordai is emblematic of what we call a Middletown kid, undersized but beyond tough. Aaron dedication to offseason workouts was the beginning of his successful season. Aaron has consistently demonstrated toughness, determination and a strong drive to succeed. Aaron has evolved into one of our best players. Aaron is a good student, a Middletown legacy and exemplifies Raider Pride.” ~ Coach Pettis


Week of October 18, 2020

Josiah Rosario, Varsity Cross Country, 10th - Respect
“Josiah’s positive energy constantly keeps the coaches and team smiling. He is not only well-respected by our newer athletes, but is a strong leader as only a sophomore- observed giving pep talks to younger runners, and feedback on stretches and running form. He is a great role model during practices and his work ethic is one to be mirrored.” ~ Coach Devine


Brenden Wegert, Football, 8th – Perseverance

“Brenden Wegert is a year younger than most of his teammates and opponents. Brenden dedicated himself to summer workouts and made solid, steady progress. Brenden broke his arm during a game but never missed a practice. Brenden is extremely coachable, popular with his coaches and teammates and consistently displays good sportsmanship. Brenden is admired for his dedication and determination. Brenden is also an excellent student and a shining example of Raider Pride.” ~ Coach Pettis 


MAMS Cross Country Team, Cross Country, 7-8th – Excellence
“This week, the entire Junior High Cross Country Team has earned the distinction of teammates of the week. At their home meet last Wednesday, every single runner improved his or her time from the previous race (some more than two minutes!). All of the student athletes on the team have been working hard all season and will continue to push into this, our final week of the season to give it their all at Hershey.” ~ Coach Yeich & Coach Smith


Week of October 11, 2020

The Girl's Volleyball Team – Excellence
“Our girls volunteered their time to assist in a "Adopt a Highway" cleanup project in Middletown on Saturday.  Our girls took time away from their busy schedules to do their part in the community and clean up trash under the 283 bridge near CVS.” ~ Coach Huber 


JoJo Gassert, Junior High football, 8th – Excellence
“JoJo Gassert came out late for football but that didn’t prevent him from becoming a two way starter even though the overwhelming majority of his teammates and opponents are a year older. He accomplished this through hard work, talent and a strong will to succeed. JoJo is a three sport athlete, great student and disc jockey for WMSS. He is a shining example of Blue Raider Pride.” ~ Coach Pettis 


Taylor Bunnell, Junior High Cross Country, 7th – Excellence
“Taylor has done an outstanding job in this, her first year running cross country. Taylor has battled through an early season injury, improving her time at each meet, and most recently finishing in the top three at our most recent race!” ~ Coach Smith


Owen Fales, Junior High Cross Country, 7th – Perseverance
“Owen has worked hard at every practice as he steadily improves during his first year running cross country. From his improved ability to complete our daily workouts, as well as his improved determination and end result times at every meet, we couldn’t be more proud of Owen!” ~ Coach Yeich


Week of October 4, 2020


Will Fulmer, Golf, 10th – Integrity
“Will is a great teammate. He does the important ‘little things’ to help the team be their best. He is too humble in his personal accomplishments.” ~ Coach Bowen


Max Dupes, JH Football, 9th – Excellence
“Max Dupes was unsure if he wanted to play football. After attending summer workouts and showing extreme dedication, the coaching staff decided to he was up to being the team leader at quarterback. Max responded as we expected, coachable, tough and getting better every week. Max is an excellent student and a better person. He comes from the Blue Raider tradition and represents his family well. Max is the epitome of Blue Raider Pride.” ~ Coach Pettis


Maya Krajsa, Junior High Cross Country, 7th – Discipline
“Maya completed every workout to the best of her ability. She is extremely encouraging of her teammates, and has been steadily improving since the beginning of the season.” ~ Coach Yeich


Ben Yeich, Junior High Cross Country, 7th – Excellence
“Ben is a naturally gifted athletes who excels at whatever he does. With that being said, Ben is a natural leader, whom others follow and emulate his work ethic and practice habits in order to attain the success he experiences.” ~ Coach Smith


Week of September 27, 2020


Mason Gratkowski, Football, Grade 9 – Perseverance 
“What Mason lacks in size he makes up for in grit and determination. Mason carries out the core philosophy of our program by doing his best and going hard every play. He is a quick learner, a leader by example and demonstrates a strong will to succeed. Mason Gratkowski is the epitome of Raider Pride.” ~ Coach Pettis


Mason Dudash, Cross Country, Grade 8 – Respect
"Mason works hard at every practice and is supportive of his teammates. Mason has steadily improved his performance at every practice.” ~ Coach Smith


Nashayli Rodrigquez, Cross Country, Grade 7 – Perseverance
"Nashayli tries her best at everything she does. Even when completing a difficult workout, she never gives up. She has improved steadily due to her great work ethic at practices.” ~ Coach Yeich


Jeremy Wells, Football, Grade 12 – Discipline
He is a very determined leader and is always willing to do what’s best for the team.” ~ Brock Welsh


Week of September 20, 2020


Will Brown, Cross Country, Grade 12 – Discipline
Will has shown up to every off season practice, and when we weren’t practicing, he was seen running/working out on his own. He’s a great leader for the other